VideosApril 5, 2019

Network Cloud Disaggregating the Traditional Routing Model

The wide adoption of cloud services changed the architecture of large data centers, driven by new virtualization technologies, low cost white-boxes and the development of automated operations. In contrast, service providers’ network architecture has remained almost the same for the last 30 years, with expensive propriety hardware, multi-layer architecture and dedicated systems per network service. While NFV attempted to bring some of the data center virtualization efficiencies to networking, it has been limited to just a few services and low-throughput access solutions.

The emergence of networking merchant silicon technologies opened the door for service providers to embrace web-scale networking by adopting the architectural concepts of large clouds. CSPs can now build high-scale converged infrastructures that support any service on any port, with cloud native software and microservices. Such a disaggregated approach can scale higher than any traditional approach, at a much lower TCO.