VideosJanuary 11, 2022

Turn the network to a shared resource.

Any service, any port​

The most fundamental concept behind virtualization and the cloud is the concept of a pool of resources, one capable of supporting may different applications from many sources.  That’s not the way we do networking today. IP networking today is based on  “routers combined to build a network”.  There are many different models of routers, many different configurations. Some services require special software versions for the router operating system.

Running multiple network functions over the same shared virtualized network infrastructure, DriveNets Network Cloud redefined the network infrastructure, by separating the control plane – implemented as a cloud-native application – from the data plane – running on network-specific, low cost white boxes – to deliver the following:

  • Network agility – cloud-native software built with containerized microservices, enabling the support of any services, on any port, at any scale over a shared virtualized infrastructure of white boxes. This model supports both network services and enables external third-party services.
  • Flexible scale – the physical shared infrastructure of our Network Cloud model, can easily grow from 4 Tbps to hundreds of Tbps with a telco-grade quality, by simply adding more white boxes.